Rome wasn’t built in a day

“Rome wasn’t built in 1 day”

The above quote is probably by far one of the most popular idioms in the English language. But that is the only phrase that has lifted my mood whenever I’m ready to throw a pitty party for myself. In a previous blog post I talk about my recent plunge in milk supply and my struggle to increase and pump enough milk for baby Aiden.

I am feeling much more optimistic today because I was able to pump 11oz. Now some may say that’s a lot. Others may say that’s not much. We must all keep in mind that every momma and child is different. I am sure that if I were to poll a group of moms, no two moms would have the same output of milk. For baby Aiden and me 11oz is still 7-10oz short of what he drinks at daycare. But 11oz is a 1/2oz more than yesterday and it’s 3oz more than last week and the week before. 11oz means that I will have to continue pumping one side while I nurse him on the other. 11oz means that we may have to use up the last of my freezer stash to ensure he has enough tomorrow. To me 11oz means that my efforts are paying off. And despite the speed bumps I will be able to continue to nourish my child the way I choose to do so.

I know many other moms out there are going through similar issues with breastfeeding. What are they and how have you over come them?

Please use the comment box to share your stories, challenges, and successes. You never know how many Momma’s you can influence.



6 thoughts on “Rome wasn’t built in a day

  1. Hi Mama! You are doing an AMAZING job! Has Aiden started solids? How often is he nursing while at home?
    I am asking about solids bc you could probably get by with the 11oz if he is eating. Also babies that are bottle fed (breastmilk or formula) have a tendency to be overfed bc a bottle nipple flows differently than a breast. On average, babies ages 1 month to 6 months will take in 30 – 35oz of breastmilk. They don’t need to increase the amount like with formula bc breastmilk is constantly changing to accomodate their every changing needs. Usually around the 6 month mark breastmilk intake goes down some due to the introduction of solids. .


    1. Hey,

      So we started Aiden on solids Tuesday. He has been eating avocado. Just a small amount though. About 2 tablespoons. He has done great with it so we are starting sweet potatoes tomorrow. Maybe because of the amount but he is still drinking the same amount of milk. When I’m with him I nurse on demand. Typically alternating breasts and pumping on the one he’s not nursing on.

      I hope that by next week things stabilize a bit. And that the more he eats the less milk he will take in. When I first introduced solids to DJ (our 2 year) he would still drink the same amount of breast milk.

      I know that what I am doing great but it’s hard to feel that way, especially since I’ve basically depleted our freezer stash in an attempt to keep up with him.


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