Happy Birthday Inwood Momma!

Today is Wednesday December 12th, 2012. Which makes it the big 12/12/12. Today is also my 28th birthday.

Many people are excited because today marks the last of the repeating calendar dates that anyone in our lifetime will ever live to see. There will be lots of superstitious people playing the lottery and gambling on the number 12. Many newborn babies who will have a cool birth date on their birth certificates. As well as a flooding of all things 12/12/12 in the world of social media.

I am excited for a different reason. Although today is my 28th birthday, I am overjoyed about one of the gifts I have received. It is a gift that no one else could give me. It is a gift that I have been working hard for. Today I pumped a full 12 oz at work. What are the odds? 12 ounces on 12/12/12.

I am ecstatic! I have gone from increasing my pumped breast milk from .5 from one day to the next, to 1 full ounce. I have been working so hard to keep up with baby Aiden and it is finally paying off.

I will be posting a blog soon to share with other mommas and their families all of the things I have tried. You never know who can use the information.

In the meantime, happy 12/12/12 everyone. I am off to eat some cake!


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