Family Summer 2013 NYC Bucket List

Our Family
Our Family

With just a few weeks left before the end of summer I am desperately trying to make time and visit all of the places on my Family Summer 2013 NYC Bucket List. I have no idea how this summer has just slipped by so fast. In the Spring, as I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the summer I had numerous daydreams about all of the things I would do with my boys. Like visiting the Intrepid Museum or taking a walk on the very spirited Coney Island boardwalk. Living in a busy and over populated city like NYC affords you the luxury of ALWAYS having something fun to do. The challenge for my family has been actually getting up to do it! I find that after such a rushed and fast paced week we (mostly the grown ups) want to just stay in and relax. You know, that thing you used to do before adding kids to the house! Now who do we get out you ask?  Easy. Just mix 2 very active toddlers with serious cabin fever and the ever present ‘mommy guilt’ and BAM! We are out of the apartment looking for something to do.

Here is my NYC Summer 2013 Bucket List. I hope that as the summer days become more precious we can make it to every place on the list.

1. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Prior to becoming a mom of two very active little boys I had absolutely no interest in the Intrepid Museum. But as I see how much they enjoy playing with their planes, watching real ones fly in the sky, and reading about them in books, I know a trip here will be one they’ll enjoy. The Intrepid Museum appears to be very family friendly and offers many family friendly activities and programs.

2. The Bronx Zoo

Yes, yes I know the Bronx Zoo is open year round. What makes this such an important item on the bucket list is their Dinosaur Safari. Children love dinosaurs and with this limited time Dinosaur Safari my boys can get a chance to dig for fossils, ride on a paleontologist (remember Ross from the show Friends?) wagon for a tour, and sing and dance at the dinosaur musical! The last day will be September 8th. To plan your trip visit the Bronx Zoo Website. 

3. Central Park Zoo & The Tisch Children’s Zoo

DJ feeding Llama Llama
DJ feeding Llama Llama

I took DJ here in the Spring on a mommy and DJ date and he had an awesome time. He spent most of his time (and my quarters) at the petting zoo. He really connected with the Llama who he thought was Llama Llama from one of his favorite books Llama Llama Red Pajama.

Took home a baby giraffe
Silly face with baby Giraffe!

Now that Aiden is walking around and really interacting with his environment I think he will have a fun time here too.

4. Coney Island Beach & Deno’s Wonderwheel

DJ @ Coney Island Beach
Aiden @ Coney Island Beach

When a lot of people think of the amusement park at Coney Island they think of Luna Park. But for those of us with little ones there isn’t much to do there. We took the boys to Coney Island Beach a couple weekends ago.  As we walked on the lively boardwalk we stumbled upon Deno’s Wonder Wheel Kiddie Park. This was the highlight of our trip. 20130811-062957.jpgWe purchased the 10 ride pack for $25 bucks and enjoyed most of the rides. Aiden fell asleep so DJ rode with his uncle Jamie who is 6 year’s old. I definitely recommend this to any family. Tons to do for both the grown-ups and kids. Definitely worth the 1.5 hour subway ride from Inwood.

5. Museum of Natural History

What can I say about this place. It speaks for itself! I have not been here since I became a mom, but I really want to take my boys here. Especially DJ since I know he will be talking about it for weeks, just as he did after visiting the children’s zoo this past spring. Personally i really want to check out the Whales Giants of the Deep Exhibit. I LOVE whales and know that I will definitely enjoy this exhibit.

6. Circle Line Cruise- Kids Cruise Series

I have always love boat rides and as many two year olds, so does DJ. As a teen I remember riding on the Circle Line and taking in the beautiful scenery and capturing beautiful photos of the sky line back when the Twin Towers were still there. I recently learned that they have a kids cruise line and immediately knew I have to bring the boys. The Kids Cruise Series last 75 minutes and offers beautiful views of the Statue of Liberty, live music and performances, and much more. They sail once a month, with only 2 dates left. September 21st and October 26th. We are planning on going in September.

Have you been to any of these places with your kids and have some tips you want to share? Do you have a favorite place you want us to check out? Leave a comment and let me know.

3 thoughts on “Family Summer 2013 NYC Bucket List

  1. hi, this was great! I live in CT and have been wanting to bring my family to NYC. I have a blog as well. I post about family vacations and staycations. I recently asked a NYC friend of mine (who does not have children) what there was in NYC for kids that is budget friendly. She said it is all expensive. But that Statue of Liberty cruise for kids sounds awesome.


    1. Hey Angelika. There’s actually a ton to do in NYC on a budget. I was actually thinking of making a post about that. I’m also going to check out and subscribe to your blog. I love reading about family travel!


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